WATCH OVER OUR FRIENDS©, INC. (W.O.O.F.) is an IRS approved charitable organization, recognized as a 501 (c)(3) non profit corporation for pet owners/pet guardians and their companion animals, be it dog, cat, horse, llama, bird, reptile, gerbil, whatever!


Give pet owners peace of mind as to the loving care and well being of their companion animal for the remainder of the life of the animal.


Watch Over Our Friends’ (“W.O.O.F’s”) purpose is to be a permanent trustee agent for funds an animal owner chooses to leave by including language in a Will or Living Trust to ensure permanent, loving and safe homes for pets who either survive their guardians, or whose guardian is incapacitated or unable to care for them any longer. The funds the owner sets aside will be applied exclusively for their animal's benefit, including food, medical and veterinary care and other items an owner would provide for the pet, for the remainder of the animals’ life. In addition W.O.O.F. shall periodically monitor the new guardian and new home to make sure the situation is still mutually desirable for the animal(s) and the new guardian.